You guessed it! More changes coming to the blog, along with our newly featured Film Fridays (have you joined the new flickr group yet?) We’ll also be exploring all things photographed on-the-go on
We’ve been watching closely what you’re posting over in our flickr pools, and one thing you LOVE to share are your mobile shots while on the move! It doesn’t matter what device your shooting with, be it an iphone, android, ipad, ipod touch or any other mobile device out there, share with us your shots in our new group Mortal Muses ~ Mobile Mondays, for a chance to be featured here on the blog. Along with your features, we’ll also be exploring mobile photography in depth. Stay tuned to learn just what that means!
PS. Don’t forget to download the photo-editing App Snapseed for FREE before its too late! A $5 value, Apple has selected it as its free app of the week, available on itunes until Wednesday, June 6th. We’ll look forward to seeing what you do with your new app in the group pool…happy editing 🙂