To everything – turn, turn, turn

There is a season – turn, turn, turn

And a time for every purpose under heaven. (Lyrics by The Byrds)

As a psychologist and a photographer, the idea of change is often on my mind. In my “day job,” I get to witness, assist, and take part in people making choices to create change in their lives. And as a photographer, I find myself documenting my life or the lives of those around me, attempting to capture a time, place, or moment before it changes. As someone who also is enamored with shooting film, the idea of change and photography takes on a different meaning. When shooting digitally, you get to see right in that very moment the image that you captured. But when you shoot film, the process of finishing the roll, sending it in for processing, and getting the photographs back takes time. Thus, it is inevitable that the moments captured have most definitely changed since you photographed them.

For example, when I photographed this beautiful magnolia tree in my neighbor’s yard, Spring was just upon us. The light rains and the opening of blossoms of this season was in its infancy. Yet when I got this roll of film returned to me as photographs, Spring had started turning toward Summer, all those blossoms had fallen, and it hadn’t rained in what felt like weeks. I wonder when Red Kiwi Photography shot her film photo of these multicolored flowers? What season was it for that moment, and what season is it now? What changes happened in the time that lapsed from when she clicked the shutter to when she held that print in her hand?

What season are you in? What will change before you know it?

Meghan of Life Refocused

Roses in Stereo