I don’t often pick up my polaroid cameras. Some people have a real knack for making magic with them, seeing the shot and just knowing it is right for their sx-70 or land camera. I find it a medium that lends itself well only to certain subjects. I like film and digital’s ability to be controlled, so I can set up a shot and know it will come out a certain way, the way I’m envisioning and designing in my mind. But as I do admittedly also enjoy film for the often unexpected results, I embraced the one click of the polaroid this week and let my inner control freak take a nap. It simply meant seeking out the quiet moments and calm subjects that allowed me the time to nail that tricky land camera focus.

A few of my fellow muses joined me, motivated by the Roid Week 2012 event, and here is what developed! In the end, I’m glad I was reminded to dust off the old 420 land cam. Did you get in on the action? Share a link to your roid week fun in the comments!

Summer by Debra (manifeisty on flickr)


Gladstone by Debra (manifeisty on flickr)
Paris from the Eiffel Tower by Meghan (Meghan Davidson on flickr)
Letter writing by Meghan  (Meghan Davidson on flickr)
kitchen, 6:42pm by Cara (tumbleweed.in.eden on flickr)
Sunday. by Christy (Urban Muser on flickr)
parked by Lindsey (modchick on flickr)
tower 7 by Lindsey (modchick on flickr)

Happy ‘Roiding!

~Cara, of cararosephotos