When we left you in June, change was in the air. As you can see, we were busy building a sexy new website complete with activities like Mobile Monday and Film Friday. We’ve introduced a new muse (welcome again, Debra!), and we’ve broadened our horizons with fresh features, like Conversations sharing new points of view within our community. Since we’re looking at things from a renewed perspective, we thought this month we’d challege you to look at your world from a new angle too!

Maybe you’ll look down through your viewfinder from above

I love jam
I love jam by Kirstin McKee

1. Untitled, 2. flower, 3. Mmm…

or maybe you’ll get grounded and look way below.

yum! by tumbleweed.in.eden

1. i love her, 2. Spring-y!, 3. 251/365

You might zoom in close to see all the detail,

Prestekrage Prestekrage by jennifée

1. Days of Summer, 2. damselfly, 3. double vision

or be lead outward for the bigger picture.

stay in the joystay in the joy by Meghan Davidson

1. To Infinity, 2. “Oh, heaven let your light shine down” ~ Collective Soul, 3. We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own. {HFF}

Perhaps you’ll look inward to yourself for some guidance,

Tracks by Manifeisty

1. Just here…, 2. brother dearest, I have your sunglasses, 3. 36 week bump!

or my personal favorite, seek out the world around you for a refreshing change.

Mokoro Fisherman by Holly ~ Soupatraveler

1. Ireland, 2. Traveler, 3. Solitude

Whether you shoot from up or down, near or far using a macro or wide-angle lens, shooting with your mobile device or on film, get those cameras snapping throughout the next month and be ready to explore your world from a new perspective.

Need some inspiration to get started? Stop by Muse University for some ideas to get going. We look forward to seeing the world from your new point-of-view! And don’t forget, there’s still time to join for a chance to win our $40 Paper Coterie Giveaway! You can enter by commenting on any post, tweeting about us, liking us on Facebook, or following us in Instagram. Don’t miss out!

Holly ~ Soupatraveler