I’d have to say that ‘Roid Week was quite a success for most of us. If nothing else, it inspired us to try something new or diverge from our usual to get in on the fun, or to really make the best polaroid shots we could! I am sure I was not the only one trolling etsy and ebay come Saturday for an SX-70, am I right? Certainly I was inspired by spectacular images like this, from our Mortal Muses Film Friday pool:

untitled… by superdewa

Summer Fruit by katlightner

There was also some fantastic work done by the Polaroid Spectra camera:

Spectra Sunset by Celina Wyss

And by Polaroid Land Cameras:

seagulls by nessavay

But I think we can all agree that as cool as these cameras can make things look, it is inevitably the photographer’s vision in combining the film and the particular camera that make the magic!

Have a great weekend of shooting!

Cara ~ tumbleweedineden