Our paths first crossed two years ago while taking an inspirational online class. She lives in Norway while I live in the United States, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly enthralled by her daily life in Scandinavia. With charming scenes like these

Childhood summer landscape (2012)   L is for Laundry

what’s not to love?  She’s a lover of tea, has a weakness for flowers and fences, and hunts down light wherever she can find it. Jenny shares her world with us, one beautiful scene at a time. From her daily life in Oslo,

{202/365 1v.2} Watching the shoppers   Springtime in pink

to her travels around the world,

Bath Street Scene    View from the Sacre Coeur dome in Paris

Jenny has a knack for finding not only the everyday beauty her life has to offer, but for sharing it across multiple formats along the way. Her experiments with mobile, digital and film have had all of us muses spellbound for a while now featuring her work almost every week this summer! From her Polaroid 650 and SX-70 Land Camera, her Minolta SRT 100x and Diana+ Medium format camera, to her Sony Eriksson and Canon EOS 550D, Jenny’s thirst for photographic knowledge and experimentation knows no bounds. We are thrilled that she has joined us here at Mortal Muses, and are proud to introduce her today as our 9th muse! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Jenny here at the blog!

{254:365 1v.2} Me in a scarf

You can find Jenny on flickr, instagram and twitter.