I love food photography because it lets me combine two of my passions: food and photography. I even have another blog with two of my friends dedicated to cookbook reviews, and I often buy food, such as cherries and artichokes, to photograph as much as to eat. That said, I’m always in much too much of a hurry to take very arty pictures of the food as I just want to eat it!
I was recently given some cookie cutters in the shape of cameras which allow me to go one step further, and take pictures of camera-shaped cookies.

There’s a Rollei-shaped one, another that looks a bit like a micro four-thirds camera and another with a viewfinder that (if you squint a bit) looks a bit like a Leica.

We all loved making these cookies, and enjoyed eating them just as much.

And the whole house was filled with the delicious smell of baking cookies! I’ve got another set of these cookie cutters to give away. For your chance to win a set, leave a comment telling me how you combine photography with your other passions. And I’d love to hear which cameras you think these cookies look most similar to!