35mm. That’s right. I’m musing on old school photography, shooting 35mm film in workhorse cameras like the Canon AE-1 and the Pentax K1000. After investing a chunk of change to go digital and buy my “big girl camera,” I got pulled back to analog. I was fortunate to win a Canon AE-1 a few years ago and my love for shooting 35mm took off. I had forgotten the thoughtful process of loading the film over the sprockets in the camera back, the sharp-sounding click of the shutter, the delight in cranking the film-advance lever. And that doesn’t even begin to speak of the fun in shooting film.

For example, you can focus your lens on shooting vintage content with film, a seemingly vintage medium these days (although we #believeinfilm here at Mortal Muses!), like I did here with this old snack truck.

Or you can play with multiple exposures (a total favorite technique of mine) like n p a did here at the carnival.

British summer time

You can let the dreaminess of film come out to play like this autumnal capture by after october.

so many things become beautiful when you really look

Or you can be surprised at the effects of expired film like in my photo of this decrepit barn with the brownish tones that come through in the leaves and grasses.

Cara shared last week that you can even put 35 mm film in the Holga which typically uses 120 film — check out the results! I totally want to try that out in my Diana camera. I’d love to hear some of the other ways you are using 35mm film in your photographic adventures. Do share!