September has always marked a time of change. For many years, of course, it was the start of the new school year. Since moving to Ontario from the west coast I marvel at how its almost like a switch gets flipped in the weather on September 1st. As soon as September rolls around the hazy humidity of August is replaced by crisp mornings and blissfully cool evenings.

Since becoming more focused on photography I’ve become more attuned to the changes in the light during the year as well. September light is very different from early or mid-summer light. It’s softer and more yellow in the late day, and it falls differently in my house. This photo is quintessential mid-afternoon September light at my dining room table.

It seems that many of you are as infatuated with the way this lovely late summer light falls in your homes as I am.

This photo by Kate captures this late summer morning light so perfectly for me. July and August morning light is much more agressive. It invades the room and pushes you out of bed to make the most of the summer day. September morning light is more gentle. It comes in more slowly and eases you awake.

In the morning light

This one by Lisa shows the yellow glow of late-day sun that September brings. Plus, apples! What’s more September than that?


Besides the colour and strength of the light I find the angle of the sun this time of year can create some unique and beautiful shadows in my house, as in this photo by Katherine.

weekend morning ritual

How is this September light inspiring you to capture the beauty in your everyday?