It’s that time of year when apples abound. We get ours each week from our CSA. If you are not familiar, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture—they have been around for years and are increasing in popularity. The basic idea: the public is offered the opportunity to buy a “share” in a local farm. The money is paid up front so the farmers can put the money back into the farm, and when the summer season starts the farmers bring their delicious, locally grown seasonal produce to a pick-up location in our neighborhood in NYC where we claim our veggie and fruit loot each week!

Those with shares also have to volunteer at the pick-up site for 3 hours during the June-November season. It’s pretty much the closest this city girl will get to a farm and I always enjoy being outside hauling the crates around, chatting with my neighbors and doing my part.

It seems you have all been busy enjoying the glorious seasonal colors of apples as well! Whether you’re a city girl, a country girl, or somewhere in between, you’ve been sharing some amazing images in our Everyday Beauty pool this month…

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See you soon!
Christy | Urban Muser