I don’t actually shoot in film. However, I can say that I first learned photography basics using one of my dad’s old film cameras when I was in high school. I even learned how to develop the film in a darkroom versus sending it to the lab for printing. I enjoyed the process, but once I got my DSLR (and now my iPhone)…I rarely think about film.

Even still, I do own a few vintage film cameras. One of those cameras is the Polaroid One Step Close-Up Camera. It doesn’t seem so vintage to me considering I remember using these same types of cameras when they were first released. If I took the time, I bet I could even find some film for it.
Polaroid Mosaic
1. finally getting something decent out of my Polaroid, 2. Sun along the canal, 3. ferris wheel, 4. crime scene

Speaking of Polaroids, have you seen the new instant camera that Polaroid has released?

The Z2300 is digital, but also has that Polaroid quality that we love…it prints. I don’t own one (yet), but from what I understand, you take photos that are stored in camera…and when you see something worth printing, you can make a 2×3 inch print. I believe it also has a sticky quality which would be really cool for kids.

So, if this is something you’re interested in…check it out. Here’s a link: CLICK HERE.

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