Every year autumn just gets more vivid, doesn’t it? I’ve been blown away by all your wonderful leaf shots in the Everyday Beauty Pool this month and thought I might share some of those stunning colours with you. I’m such a big jazz fan, I’ve been listening to Autumn Leaves for the last few weeks to help me get in the mood; I dare you not to be moved to tears by Eva Cassidy’s haunting version of this classic.

Thank you for continuing to add your pictures to our pools. We also have a Mobile Monday and Film Friday pool; we want to share more of your pictures on our pages and will start posting mosaics every weekend to inspire.

1. November 5, 2012-Acorn Cups, 2. Adrift in Color, 3. Autumn’s Carpet, 4. it’s the little things, 5. For the love of Autumn, 6. almost, 7. Autumn lights…, 8. trifles versus triviality, 9. As Fall Leaves