I first met Justine a few years ago when we were both taking an online photography class. At first I was drawn to her because she is European like myself – in an online world dominated by Americans, I appreciate having acquaintances living closer to home – but I soon grew to appreciate both her kind words and her style of photography.

Justine has an keen eye for everyday beauty; I am in awe of her gift of transforming mundane details into something magical, using natural light and a minimalist composition style of her very own.

As I’ve mentioned before – and I had no idea, at the time, that she would join us here as a muse – two years ago I joined Justine’s initiative to shoot an entire month in black and white. That Justine was the one to start such a challenge is no wonder when you’re familiar with her stunning black and white work:1. Pestle and mortar, 2. The white shirt, 3. Untitled

As often happens in the online world, I drifted apart from Justine after a while, and I am thrilled to reconnect with her now that she is joining the Mortal Muses and to discover what she has been shooting lately, which includes but is certainly not limited to where she lives in London,

her animal companions

and the places she has travelled to.

She has also started shooting film, and is a regular contributor to Film26.

We are very happy that Justine will be one of the muses. Please join me in welcoming her!