I have been celebrating the small victories as of late. A lack of work, the cold weather, and some tough family news has made for lots of tea and baking. It means a lot of quiet time in the house, which I try hard to celebrate as time for reading, for spending quality time with the pup, for catching up on various projects. It has also meant more time to seek out the beauty found in our Everyday Beauty group.  I curled up with some tea in there recently and could not believe the quality of work you all are producing…amazing! Thank you for these uplifting gems. And these are only a few that I plucked out, others I favorited or commented on, and even more I just spent some time admiring! A bunch of them will be featured this Sunday in a Mosaic, so stay tuned.

red berries I. by emily*w

“your eye is your best lens. your heart is your shutter.” by tara on the wander

holiday bokeh by SightSpecific

Thank you so much for the inspiration, especially at a time when it was very much needed.

Happy Snapping!

Cara of CaraRosePhotos