Last month I celebrated the second anniversary of the day I joined Instagram. As I looked through my stream, it came as no surprise to see that food takes up a large part of my life on Instagram. That’s not surprising, because food takes up a large part of my life full stop! But food, and photos of what people are eating right now, does seem to be particularly popular on Instagram. Last month’s Thanksgiving was officially Instagram’s busiest-ever day, as millions of people shared snaps of their meals.

We’ve written about food photography using mobile phones before and food photography on blogs but I’d like to talk more about food photography on Instagram. Because not all food pictures on Instagram are the same. Personally, my favourite approach is to take pictures of the dining table from above. I have, it is true, been known to get the ladder out for these shots. But I usually just stand on a chair (yes, even if it’s in a restaurant). I suppose what appeals to me is the conviviality of eating. I don’t just want to show the food itself — I want to show the bigger picture of people coming together around a table to share a meal.

I also like to take pictures of the small meals I share with my husband — those quiet meals for two. He’s very good at knowing where to place his hands for these shots (thank you Tom!).

My fellow Muses Debra and Cara also like to take pictures of their food from above.

Catching up with friends. Grateful for this time (2/365... Maybe...) #vscocam

Of course, there are lots of other ways to take pictures of food. Some people like to take pictures of meals from the perspective of the diner (as in these examples by Muses Lindsey and Meghan):

Dessert first #instafood

Others like to focus on the ingredients, or the process of cooking (as in these examples by Muses Holly and Justine):

Chili HaulDinner?

When it comes to food photography, there are so many seriously talented and inspiring people to follow on Instagram. Some of those I like to look at include Cannellevanille, Mowie KayTrish PapadakosAlice GaoNicole FranzenTim RobisonMarte Marie Forsberg and Hannah Queen. There are even some big-name chefs on Instagram, such as Jamie Oliver and Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

How do you like to Instagram your food? Next Saturday I will be compiling some of your Mobile Monday food photos into a mosaic. So get snapping and if you are posting on Instagram, remember to enter them into our Mobile Monday pool on Flickr as well!

We’re also starting our giveaways today. Over the next few days some of our posts will have giveaways associated with them. To enter, please leave a comment below and you will be entered in our draw for a chance to win a prize!  Today’s prize is a copy of “Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling” by Helene Dujardin. We’ll announce all the winners on December 25th.