Some things just never get old, for me its the raindrop shot.  I even tried to start a small movement on Instagram with the hashtag #raindropshot. 40 weeks later we are only up to 97 photos. Sigh.  Rain drop shots are probably a little cliché for some but if you look in our Everyday Beauty Pool you’ll find quite a few variations.  When I shoot raindrops I love how each tiny drop encapsulates the subject creating a spherical multiplicity illusion. Boy, that was quite a mouthful.  My suggestion, if you can shoot through a flat surface where rain has collected (like a sun roof .. or rain roof in my case) you can focus on the foreground and capture what is reflected within each drop. These were taken with the iPhone using the selective focus feature with the Camera+ app.  Its takes practice and a steady hand but its worth the effort.


Here are a few of my favorite rain drop shots from our Everyday Beauty Pool .

I love Justine‘s  shot with a London neighborhood in the background as seen through the subtle veil of rain drops.

Christmas Eve sky in London, sadly no chance of snow. Merry Christmas everyone!

Minimalist shot of the dark horizon by fro* with raindrops that gently dissolve out of focus, chills me to the bone.

{day 298} I can't stand the rain, against my window

A nicely saturated background give you that pop of color (by echie52) that makes you forget about the fact that its even raining.

looking out

 Christmastime in the rain I love the subtle trees and lights as seen in Germany from ~mimo~.

relentless water falling from the skies

~Becky Sue~ captured a rainbow of color during Superstorm Sandy.

Safe and sound

Looking outside through a bokeh of rain drops by islandgirls’j is a reverse effect I find absolutely soothing.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

Next time its raining, cheer up you have a opportunity to go collect your shot of the day!
Stay dry,
Lindsey aka modchik