My friends and family know this, and now I’m going to share it with you too: Winter and I do not get on. I really struggle to find beauty in the dark and cold months. And with light as my photographic fuel and with so little of it in Winter, I definitely find it more of a challenge.

We have just returned from a weekend in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. In my search for the light, I woke up early to catch a beach sunrise. I loved that our daughter and her best friend were awake before me, sitting on the beach complete with blanket and polaroid camera. Waiting.

Together we watched the sun rise and the day break.
This event that happens every day. And yet we are often so wrapped up in our daily rituals and chores, it is easy to miss.

Yes, it was freezing cold. And I lost my lens cap on the beach because my fingers were so numb. But it was absolutely worth every second.




It’s been wonderful to see some of you out there, enjoying the Winter light too; the light amidst the dark.
Thank you for sharing your winter light with us!

Sparkling remnants

by Kiersten Bree

a hole in the sky

by Susan Licht

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

by Stjernesol

And those little twinkly lights that shine out of the dark too.


by AnyDirectFlight

I’d love to hear how you find the light in those winter months.