I love spending time in the mortal muses theme pool looking at all your wonderful interpretations of the prompts. This month it is all about resolutions – your words for the year, your healthy living resolutions and your healthy eating resolutions. There are so many wonderful pictures to choose from and each one is so inspiring and interesting, so well thought out and photographed. Here is a selection of our favourites for this month, please keep your wonderful photographs coming and thank you so much for being part of this amazing community.


1. mindful, 2. Morning Buds, 3. just did that, 4. “Just breathing can be such a luxury sometimes.”, 5. 2}365, 6. 73-Jan1 Forward, 7. One by one, 8. what summer tastes like, 9. encourage and be encouraged, 10. my pledge II, 11. Project life 365 1/365 2013 Resolution, 12. The Good Stuff, 13. Word of the year, 14. 13/365, 15. 12/2013, 16. tower cafe, sacramento

Until next time