Finding inspiration on a cold dark day in January is always difficult but never fear, I have done some research and found a few things that I hope will inspire you with your photography.

I went to see the Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition the other day. I go every year and I always love to read what equipment the photographers use and sometimes it really is the most simple stuff, albeit in the most amazing surroundings such as the Antarctic or the Amazon rainforest.  I always get a glimmer of hope that what you carry around in your bag is enough to get a fantastic shot and it proves that it’s not always about all the new gear. My favourite shot is “Snatch and Grab” by Stefan Huwiler, it was highly commended in the behaviour: birds section. He used a NikonD3 +600mm F4 lens with an ISO of 400 and a git20 tripod.

©Stefan Huwiler

My other favourite was ‘relaxation’ by Jasper Doest. His shot was commended in the animal portraits. He says “in winter, Japanese macaques in the Jigokudani Valley of central Japan congregate in the hot spring pools, to stay warm and to socialise. The warmth has such a relaxing effect many fall asleep” He used a Nikon D3 + 105mm f2.8 lens 1/200 sec at F16 with an ISO of 2000.

©Jasper Doest

Do have a look at the other entries and you’ll see there are a lot of what I call ‘normal animal’ shots in there too. The competition is open to entries worldwide, it closes on the 22nd February so you have just enough time to get out there and take some amazing pictures, you never know, you just might stand a chance.

If getting your name out there by entering competitions isn’t to your taste then what about a bit of self publishing? Cristina De Middel’s “the afronauts” is the ‘most sought after photobook of the year, earning the artist a place on the shortlist for next years’ Deutsche Borse prize (do take a look at the gallery for 2013, fantastic selection). Her film and book are ‘based on the documentation of an impossible dream that only lives in pictures’. The film is very quirky but great to watch.

Each month I look forward to a little inspirational boost from Stack magazine, I have subscribed to them for a few months now and I love the fact that I have no idea what I am getting, a lovely magazine arrives on my doorstep and is carefully chosen from the worlds best international magazines, it can be about photography, film, art, clothes, I love the randomness of the selections and a glimpse into another world.

What about getting some new apps for your ipad or iphone to inspire you? I absolutely love App Alchemy – Dan Marcolina is a very clever man and shows you how to use every app available using amazing interactive technology on your ipad. The great photographers app series is a “must have” for 2013, I am about to download this wonderful app so I can spend hours being inspired by the great masters of photography, this app is more than just photographs, it is interviews, documents, video and audio and so much more. What about turning your iphone 4 or 4S into a projector capable of producing pin-sharp images up to 60in wide. You could wow your friends with a fantastic slideshow of all your shots! it also works as a backup battery and a case as well, it can be found here from February.

What about your polaroids? there is a great article here on the polaroid loving fashion photographer Bruno Bisang and if you live in London you still have time to catch the exhibition running until February 9th.

Finally if all else fails you could buy a new camera! Samsung is bringing out a 3D video camera in mid March. The new NX300 is the world’s first one-lens system capable of capturing stills and HD movies in 3D. It has built in wi-fi so you can do instant uploads and share plus a smartphone app allows remote monitoring and control.

Hopefully you are feeling a bit inspired for February! Look forward to seeing what you are doing so please share all your projects with us either in the flickr pool or on instagram

Until next time