Like Lindsey, I’ve recently been experimenting with layering images on my phone:

Since Hipstamatic and the Image Blender App aren’t available to iPhone sceptics like myself, I’m always on the lookout for Android alternatives. Here is a quick rundown of my workflow for the top left image above – as you will see, there are some interesting Android apps out there.

These are the two original images I started with. They have been cropped square, but are otherwise unedited.

I then opened the first image in an app called LittlePhoto. This app is a little fiddly, but great fun once you get the hang of it. Selecting Tools –> MultiExpo, I then added the other photo as a layer on top and saved:

The best app I know for textures is called MagicHour. I opened the blended image in MagicHour and selected the Sepia preset. And the brilliant thing about MagicHour is that by pressing ‘Recreate’ after selecting a preset, you can edit absolutely everything about the image – such as the texture.

Finally I converted the image to black and white in Instagram before posting:

Browsing the Mobile Monday Pool, I see I’m not the only one to experiment with blendings, as you can see from these beauties by michmutters and Celina Wyss.
The Healing Hands of Strangers


— Speaking of Instagram, we are currently making some changes to our presence over there. We still want you to share our images with us, but our tag from now on will be #mortalmuses.

Happy Mobile Monday from Jenny.