I am drawn in by the color of teal.  There is something so soothing about this color.  Mix a little blue into green on a white base, add a touch of gray and you have teal. It’s compliment is coral, did you see Meghan’s Love Collaboration yesterday using this color combo? So dreamy when captured in a Polaroid. Teal was included as one of the original 16 web colors in 1987. Its name comes from the Common Teal duck. Here are a few of my favorite mobile photos from our Flickr pool using teal.


1. … I can hear the birds sing!, 2. CLOSED, 3. Thirds, 4. Nice Price Books, 5. Mom, 6. French Quarter Chief :: New Orleans, 7. No waiting, 8. Life On The Prairie, 9. the great escape

Have a great weekend and keep sharing your photos from this month’s theme Around Me!

Lindsey aka modchik