Ben Ben and Ben. Playing around with #blender app

Having just come back from a wonderful time in Sydney I have realised that I need to shake things up a bit to get me over the post holidays and winter blues. I have set myself the task of turning things around for the next couple of weeks and if you are in what is commonly known as a ‘fug’ too, then I urge you to try these small steps to reignite your passion for photography.

  • Instead of taking photographs of your feet, take photographs of your hands.
  • Instead of taking self portraits, take photographs of strangers.
  • Instead of shooting at eye level set your camera to AV, turn off the beeper and shoot from the hip.
  • If you always shoot in portrait, shoot in landscape.
  • If you always shoot at F2.5 shoot at F10.
  • If you always shoot in colour, switch to black and white.
  • If you shoot flowers, shoot architecture instead.

Just changing little things can make such a difference and give you a new perspective.
Stranger at the Notting Hill Carnival
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Until next time