This photo is of a little vignette in my living room.

books collage

As are these. And I’ll bet that I would find more if I looked more deeply into my archives. I think I may have a problem. It’s just that there is something about these books and the flowers that usually sit next to them that just scream out to have their photo taken, especially when the light falls just so in the afternoon. More than anywhere else in my home, this little vignette is my sweet spot. No matter how many times I’ve taken this shot, it seems I cannot resist just one more.

And I know I’m not alone. A quick canvas of my fellow muses brought out evidence of sweet spots in their homes.


Meghan has a hard time resisting her windowsills.

As does Cara.


Cara’s also a fan of the way the light comes in on her dining room table. Who wouldn’t be?


After a quick look through the Everyday Beauty Flickr pool and I’ll bet I can identify some sweet spots in these folks’ homes (or if they weren’t sweet spots before, they may be now!).


by Kelly Ishmael

things on my unmade bed

By Jamie {74}

Morning Brew

By blue mountain thyme

As we’re a little more than half-way through March I encourage you to take our “Around You” theme very literally and to show a little love to the sweet spots in your own home, or perhaps branch out a little and find a new favourite vignette. As for me, I’ll keep refreshing the flowers by my books and keep shooting away.

Debra ~ Manifeisty