Inspired by Lindsey’s March theme for us here at Mortal Muses, I grabbed my long-neglected 35mm camera and wandered “around me.” I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, (in the middle of the United States) and having not grown up here, there is much for me to discover if I just take the time. In preparing to go explore, I realized how easy it is to just go about my days, walking or driving the same routes, and not venturing out onto new paths or spaces in this small city. I felt grateful to have the nudge to see what’s around me for either the first time or with fresh eyes.

I often write and work at a local coffee shop here in Lincoln and as I readied myself to pull the door open one morning, a new little sign appeared at my feet.


Later on, I was meeting a friend for lunch in an area of town that I hardly visit. I got there a few minutes early and took the time to wander behind the shopping area into the adjacent residential neighborhood and alleyways. You might know of my love for all things old, vintage, and nostalgic, so I was quite pleased to find these two photo ops in my meandering.



As I came home that afternoon, I intentionally looked “around me” and my own street. Across from our house, these lovely stars adorn our neighbor’s front yard. I don’t often take the time to pause and notice such a simple bit of everyday beauty.


I hope you liked this little peek into Lincoln and what’s around me. I’m enjoying the Mortal Muse Theme Flickr pool and seeing what’s around YOU, too. Keep adding your photos as we love to get a glimpse of where our community lives and breathes!

Meghan of Life Refocused