Happy Easter to all muses across the miles. Even though today’s mosaic may not be filled with chocolate bunny’s and dyed eggs, we see you still found colorful and rich tones as you embarked on this month’s theme, Around Me. From graffiti to sepia skylines, you have manged to uncover something worth inspecting in your own backyard. We have enjoyed taking the walk with you along the  twisting creeks and dusty trails, thank you for sharing in the group pool.  Now go back and see if you pair up a few photos from your trek for April’s dynamic duo theme, Diptychs.

Then go enjoy a chocolate bunny, ears first, you deserve it.


1. by ktackett S Street, between 19th and 20th, 2. by ghitakatzolsen Untitled, 3. by oneworld_mjensen An afternoon Latte, 4. by Elina Behind the dying light, there is a new one, 5. by duhitsdany Smoke alarm went off at night, 6. by carito345 71_365 Strasbourg., 7. A man…photos… light …~, 8. by sararo “Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness” ~ George sartayana, 9. by ablobofcolor A walk in the countryside.

Lindsey, aka modchik