I find that the more I travel the less I seem to find myself concerned with visiting the “must see” tourist attractions in a place. It’s not that I avoid museums or landmarks, it’s that I find myself increasingly trying to discover how people LIVE in the places I visit. For me, this can mean seeking out restaurants to eat in that are off the regular tourist radar. Lately it has also meant looking for farmers’ markets to visit.

I love to wander the markets and peer at all the familiar and unfamiliar products on offer. Mingling with locals as they shop can give me a window into local culture, especially if I get to hear folks transact in a language other than English. Whether abroad or at home, farmers’ markets offer tonnes of photographic inspiration and opportunities.


As for me, I’m always attracted to the colours, especially the natural colour-blocking that  happens when the vendors arrange their produce for sale.


I also love the textures.


As well, I’m finding myself getting bolder in doing street-style photography of the people.


Fortunately markets are pretty easy to find, with a little research when visiting new cities. I was lucky enough to find TWO on my trip to London last week.

How about you? Do you bring your camera to the market? Where else do you look for off the beaten path photographic inspiration when you travel?

Debra ~ Manifeisty