This week it feels like we’re finally climbing out of the cold dark cave of winter here. I must admit that there has been a significant lack of shooting around these parts over the past few months. Sadly, motivation to shoot has been in short supply. However, with a return to spring I’m feeling a general upswing in optimism and a gentle pull back to my cameras.

Even though I haven’t been shooting much I have been enjoying the gorgeous images that come to me via my Instagram feed (including those of many readers of this site!). This time of year though, as I open the windows of my house to let the fresh air in, I’m thinking about how to freshen my sources of photographic inspiration, including my Instagram feed. Here are a few sources that I’ve found to help me :

The #mortalmuses hashtag (of course!)

The Instagram blog where they feature great photos and photographers

instagood is a tumblr of inspiring Instagram images, curated by Ryan Muirhead

My two favourite photo editing apps – VSCOCam and PicTapGo – each feature curated selections from Instagram on their blogs

#16oftheweek is curated by Instagrammers Kyle Kuiper and Benjamin Edward

Instagram Talk features their Instagrammer of the Day, as well as interviews with inspiring Instagrammers

And finally, if I have some time, I try to ‘piggyback’ on the people who inspire me by looking at who inspires them (that is, looking at who the inspiring photographers that I follow are following).

How about you? Are you feeling the need to spring clean your Instagram feed? What are your favourite sources of Instagram inspiration?

Debra ~ Manifeisty