After Lindsey announced our Around Me theme for March, we received the most delightful message from German Photographer Carolin Voelker expressing her interest in the theme and declaring her love to us for street photography. When Christy announced that this month’s theme would be Street Photography, we knew at once that Carolin would be perfect to share her love as our guest. Carolin is a 25-year old, self-taught photographer who has had the priviledge of living on 4 continents over the past 5 years. These travels sparked her interest in photography cultivating a passion for portraiture and street photography in particular. She’s a lover of natural light, bustling cities, farmer’s markets and the ocean. Carolin shoots a mix of both digital and film photography, and you can find her work on Flickr and Facebook.

The first time I ventured out into the streets with the specific intention to photograph people, I felt awkward. Like I was an intruder, a thief breaking into their personal space and lives stealing their image. But the urge to capture those interesting faces, the many different ordinary but remarkable moments, was stronger than my fears. This one step out of my comfort zone became the beginning of my love affair with Street Photography.

160_365 (Explored July 4 2012)

Shanghai, China 2012

56_365 My favorite souvenir <3

London, UK 2013

What I love most about this style of shooting, are the raw, documentary emotions that street photography can capture. When people don’t know they are being photographed, their emotions are real, unposed, often not pretty but also entertaining and hilarious. I love how shooting on the street allows me to appreciate my surroundings in a new way making me a better observer.


Hong Kong, China 2012

For me, shooting on the street has become something meditative. I completely lose myself in the crowd and only focus on singling out an interesting face. I don’t have to please or position anyone; it’s just me and my camera. Because the moment is not about creating a perfect shot, but about noticing it.

Whenever I’m in a creative rut, by spending just half an hour on the streets, I pull myself out of any inspirational low. There is simply so much waiting to be captured out there!

Beautiful Stranger.

Montreal, Canada 2012

Can't resist...

Quebec City, Canada 2012

So this month I challenge you to take the same little step that I took almost year ago. Grab your camera or mobile phone and go out and document this amazing world of ours!


Guilin, China 2012

If you need a bit more inspiration before taking the plunge, these are some of my favorite street photographers: Francesc Catala-Roca, Vivian MaierCraig Semetko, the iPhone street photographer Richard Koci, Janey Kay and Jonathan van Smit.

44_365 .

Porto, Portugal 2013

 Thank you Carolin for sharing your amazing street photos with us this month! I love hearing your story and completely relate to your beginnings. I experienced a great deal of photo fear when I first starting shooting street photos too and am sure that many of our readers have felt the same way. ~ Holly

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