In the US today we celebrate our mothers, including those great and grand. A simple keyword search in our collective Flickr Pools yields plenty of images that pay hommage to our beloved mothers. Here are a few of my favorites.


1. glowing mother by tmosnaps, 2. Untitled by lazy_lazy_dog, 3. Up! by heatherstockett, 4. back to the farm, part three by manyfires, 5. to those……. by laughingrabbit, 6. Mom by Soupatraveler, 7. Mom by mthoodmamaphotos, 8. The Bird Lady by drdesigns, 9. Mom’s pretty things by drdesigns

Mother’s Tracks

Mother, Mother
Please look back
I am walking in your tracks.

I am tender
I am weak
I need you to take the lead.

There are many golden rules
But, it’s you mother I look up to
My eyes are fixed upon your life.

My ears are tuned to your advice
My feet are small
And may fit not fit
But the trail you blaze
I soon will set.

Path of good or path of wrong
Path of weak or path of strong
Path to right or path to left
I am following step by step.

I may not hear your every word
But, your steps are loud and clear.

So think about the course you take
The things you do
And moves you make.

For where you go
I’ll end up too
You’re my mother
a friend and teacher too.

So when I’m old
I can look back
And say thank God
For my Mother’s Tracks.

Happy Mother’s Day!