I asked Staci and Andy Kennelly to muse on the beauty that they find in the everyday. They love to roam around Los Angeles with their cameras fully loaded, ready to take photographs of the here and now and the beauty that they find everywhere. I hope you love this post of husband-and-wife diptychs, offering two perspectives on the same scene, as much as I do! You can find more of Staci’s work on her blog, Andy’s work on his blog  and Andy and Staci Photography on Facebook

Four years ago, Andy and I went to Ireland for our 15th wedding anniversary. Andy bought a Canon Rebel for us to take along and capture the memories. It was on that trip that we fell in love with photography. When Andy and I got back to the states, we started going places for the sole purpose of taking pictures. However, we ran into some problems. The main issue was that we had one camera and two photographers. After a few fights and some marriage counseling and a few beers, we bought a second camera.

Since then, our camera collection has grown and our love for photography has blossomed into an obsession. We both enjoy shooting film and digital, however, film has quickly become a fast favorite. When ever we go out, whether on a date, a mini vacation, or a simple walk around town, we both grab our cameras. Andy and I find beauty in the same places, but in very different ways. Here are a few that we took while we were out and about together.

We took these while on a walk around town in a used bookstore.

booksAndy: Hasselblad | Kodak Portra 160 Staci: Canon 1N | Fuji Color 400

We captured these images while spreading love in Los Angeles.

outonthestreetAndy: Canon 1N | Kodak Portra 160 Staci: Canon 1N | Fuji Color 400

We made photographs on a road trip down the coast of California.

flowerAndy: Canon 1N | Fuji Velvia 50 Staci: Mamiya 645 | Fuji Reala

These were taken while grabbing a drink in a local bar.

barAndy: Canon 1N | Kodak Portra 160 Staci: Canon 1N | Fuji Color 400

We captured these beach images while away for our anniversary this year in La Jolla, Ca.

beach2Andy: Canon 1N | Fuji Velvia 50 Staci: Canon 1N | Fuji Color 400

We made these photos of each other while out for my 40th birthday last year.

eachotherAndy: Hasselblad | Fuji FP-100C Staci: Mamiya 645 | Kodak Portra 160

With our cameras, we are always looking for the next adventure to go on together. Having such a strong passion in the same hobby has brought us closer. When Andy and I get back from our excursions, we enjoy looking at the different views we seem to have captured and reliving each moment together.