The theme for June is SUMMER, and I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the colours of roses in full bloom, the taste of ice cream on a sunny day or berries picked straight off the bush, the feeling of sea water on your sun-baked skin or sand between your toes and the sound of waves on a pebble beach.

Share with us in the Theme pool all the things that make you enjoy this season, whether you live in the Northern hemisphere and summer is just getting going or in the Southern hemisphere where another summer is over for now. We would love to see how you experience summer with all five senses and across every photographic format you use.

What your lens is especially drawn to in summer – the light, the colours, yourself or the people you’re with, the sights you visit when you’re on holiday? Or something else entirely?summer-light Jenny; Minolta 35mm

facedown Christy

Beach Flare Holly

What does summer sound like for you? Is it children playing in the sprinklers in the garden, foreign languages swirling around you as you walk through the crowds of tourists or the seagulls crying? I grew up spending my summers at the seaside, so for me nothing speaks of summer like the sound of the sea.summer-whitby Jenny

seascape Kirstin; dSLR through a Rollei

What does summer feel like on your skin? Me, I spend the winter months longing for sand between my toes, for submerging my sunbaked skin in water and remembering what it felt like to run barefoot all day long by the seaside as a kid.



185/365 Meghan on Impossible Project Polaroid film

Of course, summer tastes like ice cream and cool drinks, but what are your favourite summer meals? Show us what you eat during summer and where – that restaurant on the Greek island you always return to, on the beach grilling sausages over a fire or in the tiny kitchen in your mountain cabin?
79/365Meghan on Impossible Project Polaroid film


And finally there are the scents you will always associate with summer, such as the smell of strawberries and salt on your kid’s skin or the roses in Grandmother’s garden.L with strawberries Nikki

summer-garden Jenny; Polaroid 600 with Impossible Project film

We look forward to seeing your summer in the Theme pool!

– All the best from Jenny.