Things are winding down at work as we’re getting closer to the holidays, and I’ve been getting inspiration for my summer photography browsing the Theme pool:
mosaic108b32c8cc3db6e87158392266cfa3c9f3ce2e93 1. the light, 2. 365-060: Time to rest…, 3. Fuchsia, 4. Chilled Rose on the Beach

I love how Debby (1) has caught that perfect sunlight on the ocean on Impossible Project film, while Quantumcat (2) puts me in mind of childhood summers spent barefoot by the sea. L. McG.-E. (3) shows us one of my favourite summer flowers, the fuchsia. These are not that frequent in Norway, but they remind me all the more of summer holidays spent in England and Ireland. Did you know that the fuchsia is called what translates to ‘God’s tears’ in Irish? And finally, Lynne (4) has conjured a romantic, colourful summer’s dream for us.

My summer so far has been a study in green and blue. It’s been raining a lot… summer-rain

…so we’re surrounded by these lush, dark green tones, even in the city centre where I live.

But there are also days when the sun is shining from a blue, hopeful sky…

…and then I spend my days breathing in and shooting the sunlight, and seeing the city through the eyes – and lenses – of the tourists starting to arrive.

How about you? How is your summer coming along so far? Don’t forget to show us in the Theme pool!

~ Best wishes from Jenny.