We haven’t really had much summer here yet; I could count on one hand the number of days over 75 degrees and/or without rain. I guess it doesn’t officially start yet for another week or so, anyway, but I am looking forward to so many things about summer. Summer means barbecue, margaritas,muses summer margaritas (1 of 2)dip

more time with friends and family,muses summer (4 of 6) dip cream

it means more opportunity for late day magic hour splendor, and more opportunity to play with light overall,muses summer (3 of 6)diplight

and more trips to the farmers market,muses summer (1 of 6) rosie dip

and it means, for me, a 12 day cross-country road trip, as my little family moves from the eastern to pacific time zone!

I am very excited about what the summer means for photography.

Happy Snapping!

Cara of tumbleweedineden
(photos are a mix of both digital and film)