“One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
― Henry David Thoreau

1. 130/365. Birdhouse, 2. 149/365 Red, 3. 162/365 Silence

It’s been a particular Spring has it not? One might even wonder if Summer really is on its way. Over here, on my little corner of Europe I have just experienced a week of barefeet and full blast sun followed by a week of cardigans with rain and heavy grey skies.
It’s confusing, I tell you.
Lucky for me (and you), there is a place we can all escape to, regardless of the weather, where there is beauty all day long! And it’s film. Need i say more?

In deed I do. I need to say “that you take your shoes off, sit beside me on this floor pillow and enjoy the tea”.

1. 000001, 2. Looking up, 3. Weeds and wishes borderless, 4. 144.365 | the old fence, 5. images from the cutting floor (9 of 10), 6. put a bird on it: tea party, part three

Ah, good stuff, this Flickr pool.
Thank you. Sprinkled in Spring, with a Summer breeze.

Now go outside and click.