4 in 24 (1 of 1)

Here are four photos in 24 hours from a summery weekend day I had recently, along with four intriguing links. A few tasty tidbits from across the interwebs for those with a discerning eye.

Have you seen these magical long exposure photos of fireflies?

melly saturday 4 in 24 (5 of 7)

For the folks who love discussing film v digital: Well-known photojournalist shoots digital, applies film filters to them, makes high quality prints, then photographs the prints with a large format camera for his final results! How’s that for a process? I didn’t find this from the original article, but rather Phil Keen’s blog, which is a cool one for similar discussions.

melly saturday 4 in 24 (4 of 7)

Talk about Throwback Thursday! Have you seen these?

melly saturday 4 in 24 (7 of 7)

A little bit of right place at the right time ingenuity.

Hope you’re feeling inspired! Happy snapping!

Cara of tumbleweedineden