20130521-00630010Motor Lodge | 35mm color film | Minolta SRT100

Maybe it’s the geographer in me or perhaps it’s the gypsy, but I love a good road trip. There is so much to explore in this country of ours, heck there is so much to explore in my home state of Nevada. I am lucky enough to have a partner who enjoys the adventure of travel as much as I do. Sometimes we find a cushy spot to spend the night, most of the time we camp. I like them both for different reasons.

HRH_Bedbed | FUJIFILM FP-100C | Polaroid 103

When I think of road trips I think of mix tapes each word can be sung loudly and with a smile on my face. I think of snack foods like crackers and cheese, soft serve ice cream and carrots dipped in hummus. I think of  random potty stops and road side attractions. I love watching the road unfold in front of me. I often doze off as my husband drives only to wake up with a stiff neck, maybe a little drool in the corner of my mouth and a limb (or two) that has complete fallen asleep.

00160004Half Moon Bay Campground | 120mm color film | Yashica LM

I am usually in the passenger seat with one or more cameras at the ready. Often my cameras share lap space with my journal and pen. I will leave you today with this poem that I wrote last summer while on the road.

Single lane, summer cyan

Topaz Lake, purple mountains

Orange tractors, tan men

Brown polka dots quiet in the green

I am the shotgun waitress

The juice box hero.

cowsPotts’ Hot Springs-Cows | 35mm color film | Pentax KM

Happy Trails,


P.S. I made you a “mix tape”. It’s full of random, silly, funky and awesome songs for the road, Road Tripping 2013