1. awning stripes 2. Film Friday 3. Untitled, 4. supine, 5. Tea on 35mm film, 6. Celina expPZ600, 7. Waiting For the Rain, 8. waist deep, 9. Coney Island Cool

When I start hitting the little favorite star under images on Flickr, I usually do so purely on impulse. What I love to see are the unintentional themes that appear. This week it was bright reds, blues and greens that pop. The distinct golden orange of the Polaroid. The mysterious quality that draws me in again and again with black and white images. Each film, each camera set a different mood and can tell such a different story of the same subject. It’s these nuances of film that cause me to carry around so many cameras when I am out shooting and I imagine it is similar for all of you out there too.

Keep snapping,