mortal muses mobile monday july (4 of 7)Yes, I know the Jamiroquai song title is “Traveling without Moving” but what we’ll be doing in a few weeks is traveling WITH moving. After just a year in Central New York, work is moving us to the OTHER side of the country. We decided that instead of just shipping all of our stuff and flying out, we’d travel, make a trip out of it. In 2005 after I graduated from college, I did a cross-country road trip from NJ and back across a month and a half. Ever since then, I know the value of taking any chance you get to see our amazing United States. So many people want to go to Europe or Asia or some islands for travel, but there is SO much to see here in our magnificent country first (and for quite a cost savings at that!). So we’ll be taking 12 days to road trip from NJ (leaving from family) to Washington state.

Cara, Andy and Rosie

Awesome graphic designed by my friend Hannah Wise.

During road trips, I find my iPhone comes in handy is so many ways. From using the Light Meter app to meter a film shot, or snapping something quickly, or at a really wide angle or small aperture (which the iPhone camera is so good for). And let’s not forget how fun it is to document the trip and stay in touch via apps like Lightt and Instagram! It is so perfect for me that the Mortal Muses theme this month is travel. How about you? What big trips are you planning and how will you photograph them?

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Happy Snapping!

Cara of tumbleweedineden