Hello. As I mentioned in the last post, my family and I drove to Cape Cod for the week.

ship at sea with ocean rocks
1. ship at sea, 2. ocean rocks

We’re soaking up lots of sun, waves, and beach air. I’m shooting mostly film on this trip and as I compose each shot I’m reminded to how slow the process is. My five year old isn’t quite ready to assist me on photos shoots down by the beach.

ship and shells
1. ship in window, 2. seashells in bowl

He prefers to sprint into the surf or skip rocks along the water than hold a loaded film back and wait as I read the light and compose each shot. Really, who can blame him? I want to follow his lead but for a few quick minutes he holds my gear before taking off to explore.

seaweed and rocks on Fuji instant film
1. seaweed and rocks, 2. rocks on Fuji instant film

In the past two days, I’ve shot several diptychs. Diptychs tell a story, show time passing, or convey an idea. I like to think of them as super short narratives that allow me reflect on similar themes, compositions, and patterns when shooting in two frames.

white and yellow
1. white daisies, 2. white and yellow game pieces

I like this “flash fiction” style of creating visual stories. It’s a great way to summarize your travel adventures, near and far.

What are you photographing this week?

Nikki | Art & Lemons