WOOT!! It’s ‘Roid Week 2013!! This is the one week in the year where instant film lovers gather on Flickr to share their *best* work and celebrate the magic and beauty of instant photography. The originators of ‘Roid Week began back in 2006 “as a project — to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work.” It has evolved into a full celebration of instant film.

Many instant photographers “save up” their very best work over the year and unveil it on Flickr during ‘Roid Week. Others choose to shoot all new work during the week and share their latest gems. Each year, I am BLOWN AWAY by the instant photography shared during ‘Roid Week. Here are some of my favorites from last year.

From Andrea Coronna Jenkins…

From the Gentleman Amateur…
Roid Week Day One

From Sarah Kirkham…

From Meredith Wilson…
Big Ben

Incredible and inspiring. Right?!?! So let’s play along this week! Here are the rules for participating in ‘Roid Week as stated on the ‘Roid Week 2013 Flickr group page:

# 1: Only photos you HAVE NOT posted on Flickr before are welcome.

# 2: Give us your best possible work.

# 3: You get only TWO photos a day. (PS: In Flickr-world, a day = 24 hours. The Flickr clock resets itself at 8 pm EST).

# 4: It’s five days, Mon – Fri.

# 5: Though we call it “Polaroid Week” any instant film is fine.

# 6: DIGITAL PHOTOS that have Polaroids in them will be deleted. If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a digital photo of your Polaroid, but crop out everything but the instant photo, please.

# 7: No Poladroids or Hipstamatics or whatnot! This is a FILM ONLY group, good people.

We here at Mortal Muses will be celebrating ‘Roid Week all week long! Thus, our regular posting topics will shift to all things instant for the week. We hope you will join in the ‘Roid Week festivities and celebrate the awesome-ness that is instant photography. And PLEASE, cross-share your ‘Roid Week submissions in our Mortal Muses Film Friday Flickr pool!!

Meghan of Life Refocused