So we’ve come to the end of another ‘Roid Week and I don’t know about you but the word screaming through my head is WOW! I’ll admit that my Flickr engagement has been on the low side lately. I try to dip into the Mortal Muses pools when I can to see some of your gorgeous work but save some cross-posting from Instagram I uploaded very little to my own stream. Participating in ‘Roid Week though has reminded me what a great community Flickr can be. Polaroiders have been active in the pool and supporting one another with “favourites” and comments. I’ve tried to do my part as well and I think I’ve been pretty successful in at least laying eyes on most, if not all the submissions. The creativity is astonishing. It makes me want to search out/create more opportunities to use my Polaroid cameras and the stocks of film that occupy my fridge. As I look over my “favourites” list of the week, I find that I’m really drawn to the portraits. There is something about a portrait made with a Polaroid that is just magical for me. I also love the contrast between the often washed-out, dreamy colours produced on integral film versus the saturated, moody tones of pack film – especially the pack film blues, they slay me. And then there are the black and whites, which when it comes to instant film are usually beautiful shades and grades of grey.

*SIGH* Can you tell that the fires of my love for instant have been rekindled this week? That’s why I’m so pleased to get to be the one to do this ‘Roid Week wrap up here. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea (probably iced if you are in England or the eastern part of North America!) and enjoy these gorgeous photos.

First off, I asked each of the instant film shooting Muses to share their favourite ‘Roid Week submission, along with a few words on why they love that photo.

Portrait at Cape House
Portrait at Cape House | Nikki

I shot this photo at the Cape last week with Fuji Film FP-3000 B on my Hasselblad with a Polaroid 100 back. It was the last sheet of film in the pack and I love how the highlights are blown out by the morning light. I exposed for the shadows and mid-tones so the highlights would be overexposed thereby resulting in a more anonymous portrait bathed in light.

365 Impossible Self-Portraits : Day 56

365 Impossible Self-Portraits: Day 56 | Meghan

I am working on a 365 Impossible Self-Portrait project and this is from Day 56. I shot this photo with my Polaroid Spectra camera using Impossible Project’s PZ680 Color Protection film. I love the point of view of this shot and adore that my reflection showed up in the train track — an awesome bonus!


In the garden| Kirstin

This Polaroid of Ella (taken on Impossible Project film with my 660) encapsulates the perfect summer we have had this year, with endless days spent in the garden. I know when we are all older that we will bring this picture out and sigh. And remember. 


The cabin in the mountains | Jenny

I spent a few days up in the Norwegian mountains this week. We slept in this tiny cabin that’s been with my in-laws for generations. I had been struggling with overexposed, yellow tones on my PX 70 film for days. Here, I finally got it right.


Sunset in Jamaica | Holly

Of all the polaroids I took on my recent trip to Jamaica celebrating my 40th birthday, this one encapsulates the relaxed feeling of our vacation. The beautiful, hot sun reflected on both the pool and the ocean after a late, afternoon thunderstorm. I feel calm just looking at it. 

CCM (1 of 1)

By Vanessa


Death Valley Meditation – Debra

I love this photo that I took of my lovely friend and fellow muse, Holly while on an epic road trip in Death Valley last year. I shot this photo with all four cameras that I had with me but, as usual, the Polaroid is my favourite.

And now I’d like to share a few instant film selections from the Mortal Muses Film Friday pool over the past week. So. Much. Beauty!

Starting with the portraits:


 1. A Rose Named Laura, 2. Melissa, 3. Incidental Photography, 4. Shady lady

The natural world


1. Untitled, 2. earthbound clouds, 3. handle with care, 4. the dude awash in green light

 Places and spaces

1. dungeness, 2. cooling off, 3. theplace, 4. Atlantic Beach, 5. Breeze…, 6. Have a Seat


A big thanks to everyone in this community for sharing your ‘Roid Week submissions with us in the Mortal Muses Film Friday pool as well! It’s been a great week and I encourage everyone to have a look through both pools as inspiration abounds.

Debra ~ Manifeisty