I’m in the thick of my current photography project — 365 Impossible Self-Portraits. Given that I’m focused on shooting a self-portrait each and every day using instant film, suffice it to say that any and every camera I own with the exception of my Polaroids lie sorely neglected on my shelf. As I was thinking about my post for today’s Film Friday, and with news that Fuji is discontinuing some of it’s films, it got me thinking and reminiscing about 35mm. Reflecting on this, I realized that I haven’t shot with my 35mm camera since October, and that made my pull up my last roll and take a look.

I was brought back to my Fall trip to New Hampshire and visiting the sweet town of Portsmouth…


I came across my sweet boy, Parker, contented after our late afternoon walk…


The sunny days of Palm Springs (in the thick of autumn!) came rushing back…


As did our dear friend and Mortal Muse Alumna, Lindsey


Looking over these photographs reminded me of so many great memories — I got such a boost of “happy” by scrolling through these. And, this little trip down Memory Lane is nudging me to hit up my stash of 35mm, and pack some along with my Canon AE-1 as I take off for Colorado tomorrow. Along with those Polaroid cameras, of course!

What about you? Are you neglecting your 35mm camera? Or are you happily moving that film advance lever regularly? For those interested, all of these photos were shot with my Canon AE-1 camera using expired Agfa 100 film.

Meghan of Life Refocused

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And we’re happy to announce the winner of the PostalPix giveaway from Monday! As chosen by a random number generator, our winner is #6 Anika. Congratulations Anika, we’ll be in touch to set you up to order your free aluminum print!