As July winds down, and with it our July theme of Travel, I was looking back over some of my photos from my travels trying to find perhaps a common thread and an idea for this post. Here it is folks, I love me some street art. And what’s not to love?

singShot by me in Kensington Market, Toronto

My idea of a great travel experience and “getting away from it all” often involves leaving behind my small city to spend some time in a larger one. These days most cities, large or small can offer up a pretty stunning range of street art.

I’m usually drawn to the colours. I’m a sucker for turquoise, as you can see.

mosaic7e1c314b8981147fa29211f3517b8046f39e5ab8Top left image by me, Kensington Market, Toronto; Top right and bottom left images by me, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC; Bottom right image by Jenny.

Sometimes the art speaks to you in a more literal sense.

mosaic9539af304e1f42b88d79e1003a01d3925cc68944Top left by me in Toronto; top right by Nikki in Memphis; bottom left by me in Greenpoint, Brooklyn; bottom right by me in London, England

I also love street art murals as a backdrop for portraits, or self portraits.


Top images by me at Clarion Alley, San Francisco; Bottom left by me in Santa Barbara, California; bottom right image by Marta Rhine in the Mortal Muses Everyday Beauty Flickr pool

While I take many of my photos of street art with my iPhone (always handy as I walk around!), I do love to capture it on film as well, especially with my Polaroids.

mosaicffbaf423c6868fc2f428a16cfac68496abe695e4Top left image by me in Essouira, Morocco; top right and bottom left images by me in London, England; bottom right image by Katherine Lightner in the Mortal Muses Film Friday Flickr pool

I also recommend the Instant Street Art and Grafitti Flickr pool for more inspiration and beautiful instant images of street art.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll of some of my favourite streets from my travels, plus a few memorable street art shots from fellow contributors and the community.

Debra ~ Manifeisty