Listen, I need to confess something. I’ve been shooting film almost exclusively which means my mobile camera is collecting dust. Except for the occasional snap, I use it as a light meter for film. Sure I’ve typed notes and dates on my mobile device, checked email and social media sites, shopped for cameras, and read an article here and there, but I haven’t made many images with it.

In search of red 1 (Hudson, New York)

So when I looked at the calendar and realized I needed to write a Mobile Monday post, my mind, at first, went blank. What do I have to share? No cutting edge apps, reviews, or projects in the works.

In search of red 2 (Hudson, New York)

An idea started to take shape Saturday morning on our drive to Hudson, New York. As I mentioned last time, I wanted to venture to New York not only for a creative boost but also to find local apricots and cherries to turn into jam and other sweets.

In search of red 3 (Hudson, New York)

I packed three film cameras then deliberately left them tucked in the back seat of the car.

In search of red 4 (Hudson, New York)

After pocketing my mobile camera and wandering around the farmers market and in and out of antique stores and coffee shops without any expectations, I gravitated toward a sense of place. Naturally I had August’s theme, The Red Thread of Fate, in my head. As the city unfolded around me, I found myself shooting red: fruit, letters, signs, walls.

In search of red 5 (Hudson, New York)

What about you? Do you find yourself drawn to red this month? We’d love to see your photos over in the Mortal Muses Theme Pool.

In search of red 6 (Hudson, New York)

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