When I opened the Mortal Muses Mobile Monday Flickr gallery to look for images for this post, this one immediately jumped out at me

That summer feeling

– by *katja*

Unfortunately these last few weeks we seem to have lost a bit of that Summer feeling here in central Canada. The heat seems to have been sucked out of the days, the nights are chilly and the mornings crisp. It’s feeling more like late August than the height of summer. Living in a place with So. Much. Winter. I like to savour the summers, short as they are, before embracing the crunchy leaves and wooly sweaters of autumn.

So, inspired by this image and with a view to calling summer back for one last hurrah, I put together this mosaic of images from this community that I think sums up the wonderful feeling of high summer. Enjoy.


 1. Untitled, 2. Dream State 5 – 8, 3. Untitled, 4. sunset on the columbia, 5. Patience, 6. o canada

Debra – Manifeisty