I can’t conceal my unrest for this never ending summer.
I know this is getting difficult as fresh night breezes greet me whispering “autumn is coming…”

I dived into the Film Pool and found myself in a time machine.
It was Polaroid week all over again, it seemed.
I noticed so many images of the forest that my body felt relaxed.

But I wanted to share images of people.
This week I was praised and with my heart touched other hearts so I wanted to say, people are the number one thing in the world.
I smile when I see their beauty on film, what is seen and spoken, even if words are not possible.

I want to travel in this mosaic.
I will enjoy summer until it ends.
Wait for me Autumn, I’m having fun.
20130824-202511.jpg1. chicken whisperer, 2. another perspective, 3. A Summer Evening, 4. ghosts of neahkahnie, 5. The staff in a fishbowl, 6. wildflowers to lead the way, 7. 235.365 | what shall we do, 8. Untitled, 9. Polaroid Selfie
Now go outside and click.