A couple days ago Jenny wrote about her 365 project, going on year 3!
Take a moment to let that sink in and then lets congratulate her.
Hurrah Jenny!
How many of you have started a 365 project, struggled half way and then never tasted the sweet flavor of day 365?
Well, I, for one.
I was sure last year was going to be it, I chose a date, started off great, set boundaries, had ideas, themes and most important, a safety net.
I knew I was going to take those self portraits because I was taking a self portrait workshop that would last all year long!
Sounds easy yes?
My computer broke.
On day 75 I was unable to upload images from my camera to my computer.
Do you know how hard it is to do a 365 without images?
Well I’d go as far as saying… not possible.20130901-232949.jpgBut not impossible.
Do you know what else has a camera?
iPods & camera phones.
“Hello, my name is technology and I’m here to rescue you. Do not resist.”
Alright, alright.20130901-105057.jpgUsing an online platform and my iPod I started uploading everyday, little glimpses of daily beauty, self portraits and memories.
Even on crapity days I managed a shot, and before I knew it, a year had gone by.
Then I thought “why not?”. It felt like cheating, that’s why not.
It was just too easy, point, shoot, upload.
But it’s not really.
I was amazed by the amount of people who wanted to improve their phone photography, wanted in on how to take that special shot.
I’m no expert so I just gave the answer I always give “Shoot what makes you stop.”
There. That’s my secret.
If it makes you stop, it’s worth it.
Like that one time I met an agoraphobic elephant.
I walked right past it and then stopped.
“Wait… Is that…”
Yes. Agoraphobic elephant.
There’s no way to continue a sentence after “agoraphobic elephant” is there?
20130901-105217.jpgSo you see, turns out its not as easy as I thought, and if you thought that as well, think again.
A mobile 365 is just as challenging as a regular camera project. It’s that commitment to make it an everyday event that makes it scary, but fun.
Suddenly you find yourself looking for beauty, viewing the world with a different pair of eyes and everything, and I mean everything, falls into place.
Sometimes we just don’t realize it.
But it’s all there. 20130901-233352.jpgSo this time, I’m not taking chances, I’m keeping it simple by just using a mobile device, I’m writing it on a blog to share and connect and I’m keeping it theme free.
Just ordinary everyday beauty. 20130901-104927.jpgSo here are some tips, in review:

* A 365 doesn’t have to begin with the new year. Much like time difference and seasons, it’s fun to have it going all year long. If everyone suddenly stopped on December 31st it would be sad. This way some end while others continue.
* Make a list of themes. Somedays you’re just not going to want to shoot so if you refer to the list, you have a reason to click.
* Capture what makes your heart beat faster, what makes your feet stop.
* Don’t worry what others may think.
If you shoot self portraits prepare for people to wonder why you’re doing it. If they don’t get it, move along.
* Unless they are doing it too, they won’t get it. Move along.
* Choose an app and play with it. Textures, words, anything goes.
* Get a support group. You will meet wonderful people through your photography. Embrace them. They will cheer you on.
* Prepare to feel the winter blues. Refer to support group.
* Find a photography project that speaks to you and use that to keep shooting.
Meghan wrote about some here and I have my personal Treehouse Club which now has its own place on Instagram @thetreehouseclub.
So why should we do this?
To capture dreams when they appear, in a familiar yet sneaky “Hello. I’m still here.”20130901-105550.jpgNow go outside and click.