ab·strac·tion  [ab-strak-shuhn] 

1. an abstract or general idea or term.
2. the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities,specific objects, or actual instances.
3. an impractical idea; something visionary and unrealistic.


This month we’re talking dreams. Dreams we want to create in reality. Fantasies best left to ourselves. Perhaps you might call these personal abstractions.


By creating my own dreamscapes using my lensbaby, I can turn moments in my life into a series of  beautiful abstractions.


Creating beauty where I might not have seen it otherwise.


Even special occasions take on extra meaning through the eyes of my lensbaby.


And I can share the beauty of the world in new ways.


I’m looking forward to exploring more ways I can use my lensbaby this month while we all dream together. I’ll be looking for more abstractions to create “something visionary” from my surroundings.

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Holly ~ Soupatraveler