You’ve very likely seen me complain that apps like Hipstamatic, Pic Tap Go and VSCO Cam aren’t available for Android (though VSCO Cam at least is coming soon!). And it really can be frustrating that it takes a long time for the apps that everyone raves about to become available for Android, if they ever do.

However, it is easy to overlook, in all the publicity about the newest iPhone app, that there are a ton of brilliant apps available for Android out there.

Pixlr Express
When I first downloaded Pixlr Express, I thought to myself, do I really need yet another app with vintage filters? It turned out that yes, I really do need this one.
In addition to the excellent basic editing, I keep coming back to the filters in the Subtle category: Very often vintage filters are far too overdone, but these add just the touch of vintage atmosphere I really like.

Snapseed is a rare beast – an excellent app, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android. What makes this app so great is the possibility to adjust absolutely everything from basic editing to the many filter effects.

Next to Pixlr Express this is my go-to app for basic editing, both to improve the image before or after adding a filter, and for those times when I want a natural look. The Vintage filters are perhaps a little on the heavy side, but they can be adjusted to give a lovely, subtle atmosphere.
But sometimes I want the opposite of subtle, and then the Retroluxe and Grunge filters in Snapseed are exactly what I need – unpredictable yet perfectly adjustable to gain the look I want.

Vignette was the app that brought me into the world of mobile phone editing, and I keep coming back to it even as I’ve branched out. Vignette still has some of the best black and white filters I know; other favourites include the dreamy, warm Summer filter.

So you Android users out there – what are your top-three apps? Tell me what I’ve missed!

~ All the best from Jenny.

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