There is a subtle shift that is happening these days. It’s a hushing that occurs between the seasons. The light is changing, the weather is changing. Maybe as photographers we are much more sensitive to this, I know I am.  And from what I see in the Every Day Beauty pool, so do all of you.  I love these in between seasons where there are still bold pops of color to be around us. The promise of autumn can be found in tones of gold and the shimmers of silver give way to the sparkle of spring.

9738455738_70e5de1db5_o1. reading and writing and arithmetic… 2. Untitled 3. pretty in pink 4.Untitled 5. Untitled, 6.color and fragrance 7. Piney River Ranch Colorado, 8. 253/365 | across from beverly depot this morning 9.253/365

Have a beautiful weekend friends, Vanessa